What Makes Big Properties Troublesome

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Many people dream of living in a big and spacious house but most of them do not realize the responsibilities it comes with. Of course the main concern will be the price, the location and the features but there are other details to worry about as well. Finding the right property and gathering the money to purchase it is just the beginning. The real issues won’t appear until you move in. To give you an idea what you will have to deal with afterwards, we have described some of the trivial matters about having a large house.

Paying the Bills

The larger the space of the place you own, the more expenses you will have to face at the end of the month. Since water and electricity are the main necessities for each and every residence, the number of rooms and occupants determine how the size of the consumption rate. Therefore the occupants of a large house always pay a lot to cover their water and electricity bills.

Costs for consumption of water and electricity.

Aside from that, some additional taxes are imposed upon the most expensive properties. If the price of the house is above the average for the market, the occupants are charged a certain percentage of the entire sum.

Price & Structure

The type of the property determines what is the price to square meter ratio. That is why two buildings of the same size and space can have a different cost. Most mansions, villas and other large households are made to last for ages. Of course, a residence made of strong and durable materials is going to be expensive. Sometimes the name of the architect or the agency can increase the price. Therefore you should also take into account the rarity of the building. Vintage old structures are hard to find and real estate agencies will use that to make more profit.

Furnishing the Place

When purchasing a large house, it would be better if the property is already furnished. However, some people don’t have problems with empty living spaces. The large residence gives you a lot of opportunities to furnish it just the way you want. Although this sounds fun, don’t act before thinking about the time and the money you will have to spend.

Purchasing the household items you need at home.

Furnishing every single room might cost more than you can afford. Depending on the quantity of household items you need, achieving the goal step by step may take from several months to a couple of years.

Reselling the House

Purchasing the right property can be hard but selling it after a few years is more difficult. You will find that out once you decide or are forced to relocate. The current real estate market consists mostly of families with insufficient income who can not afford a large house. With such a minor search, finding a buyer might take years and most people can’t wait for so long. Some of them decide to purchase and move to another place before selling their previous household. In the meantime, the longer the property remains for sale on the market, the more it’s initial price is going to drop.

Making Repairs

Living in an old building with a massive size can be a bad decision. Although it takes ages for a large well built house to crumble, everything wears off over time, so sooner or later you will have to undertake repairs. On one hand, by an old property the chance for major damages increases as the years go by. On the other hand, the larger the living space, the bigger quantity of disturbances it will suffer.

Taking good care of the house by fixing the damages.

In either case you can be sure that the repairs are going to be very expensive. This concerns not only the exterior elements of the house such as the roof and the windows but the ones of interior like the floor and the ceiling as well.

Thorough Cleaning

Keeping a big house neat and tidy is very unpleasant. The bigger the bigger the number of rooms, the more surfaces and furniture you have to clean. Giving such a residence a thorough cleaning could take a whole day, which means sacrificing the weekend. That is why most people prefer doing these chores once a month and put up with the dirt for the rest of the time. A professional cleaning company can surely solve the issue but the majority of these operators charge per hour. Taking advantage of their services will be very pricey, especially if the employees apply additional taxes.

Piling up Clutter

A place where you keep all the items you don’t need currently can be useful, but people tend to store things they should actually get rid of. Big houses have so many rooms that usually at least two or three of them are used for storage only. As a result, a lot of living space is occupied by nothing but clutter.

Storing many of the items you should throw away.

When there are too many rooms, people don’t find it necessary to throw household items away. That is why the residents of big properties stop caring about making a difference between the objects they may need again one day and the ones that are no longer useful to them. By such circumstances, becoming a hoarder is a real possibility.


Every member of the family wants to have a room of its own to find privacy and solitude. A large house will surely meet the criteria but there may be a negative outcome. When every individual is in another corner of the residence, there is no bonding. Spending most of the time in your room decreases the interaction with the other inhabitants of the residence. Because of this self-isolation, these people become like strangers to you. In addition, you literally have to go around the house while looking for a certain family member or to gather everybody at one place.

Empty Spaces

Wealthy individuals often forget that there’s no reason to buy a big house, unless you have or think about having a big family. Purchasing a large property just to have enough space to invite your guests to stay over is pointless. In that case most of the rooms will remain unused for a long time.

The rooms you don't need at home remain empty.

Therefore you are paying for the maintenance of space that you actually do not need, which is nothing but a waste of money. Furthermore, walking through an empty house only creates the feeling of loneliness and depression, even when you are not living alone.

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