Pros and Cons of hiring a Staging Professional

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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Staging Professional for a House Sale

Before we get into the main aspects and the pros and cons of hiring a staging professional when you put up a home for sale, it’s important to understand what staging really is.

Staging Property for Sale

Good staging is basically a form of visual merchandising that draws on some of the fundamentals of interior design and tries to ensure that the best parts of the house are emphasized on, but not too blatantly. The main reason staging is used in the first place is to make a place look more appealing with the use of Interior design tricks that hide the flaws of the property and show off it’s better side. A good staging professional resembles a great stylist. They’ll help you look the best way possible, without putting too much emphasis on the clothes you are wearing. They would take into consideration all aspects of the place you are about to put out on the market and help the potential buyers imagine themselves living in it. Sometimes there might be a place in the house that has an odd shape or looks unusable, but a staging professional might come up with a useful idea on how to dress it up and turn it into a fantastic asset to the house. That type of staging helps create the emotional moment that can turn a person from a potential prospective client to a buyer.


The home staging process is designed to make a residence as appealing as possible to the broadest number of house hunters searching the market today. In order to be truly effective, home staging must be undertaken the proper way. There are many nuances associated with home staging that a typical homeowner understandably doesn’t recognize. This raises the specter of hiring a home staging expert. There are pros and cons to hiring a staging professional that you need to weigh and balance as you contemplate what course of action to take in regard to preparing your residence for the marketplace. A local broker that offers Scottsdale homes for sale advised us that they have ran multiple tests on how buyers perceive homes where a staging professional has worked and ones where no such work was carried out and in 9 out of 10 cases, the property where professional staging has been carried out has resulted in a higher asking price and a higher final sale price.


Pros of Hiring a Staging Professional


The most important reasons for hiring a staging professional is that you accomplish two vital objects. With a staging pro at your side, you will sell your home faster and you will make more money on the sale than is the case without this specialized assistance.


A compilation of sales date in Arizona and elsewhere in the United States reveals that 95% of residences that engaged a professional stager sold within an average of 11 days. Moreover, the final sales prices on this more rapidly selling residences was 17% above the project asking price.


Another benefit of hiring a staging pro is that such a specialist will provide you with an honest assessment of your residence and of what needs to be done to make it show and open house ready. In addition, a pro stager can provide anything you need to properly stage your home before putting it on the market. You don’t need to scramble around trying to find what is needed.


Cons of Hiring a Staging Professional


In considering cons associated with staging, what most often comes to mind is cost. Yes, you have to spend money when you hire a staging professional. (With that said, pay attention to what was noted a moment ago about the uptick in the final sales price that oftentimes occurs when a staging expert is hired.)


Hiring a staging professional also has the potential for delaying the placement of your residence on the market. Delays can be frustrating, of course. With that said, the vast majority of professional staged homes do sell faster than those that did not have this specialized assistance. Thus, in the end, any delay (if one even occurs) would very likely be offset by a faster sale.

If you are an estate agent or simply a person looking to put out their property for sale online, you could even check how much money or what type of ROI you could get from hiring a staging photographer. Here’s a link to a staging cost calculator  and considering that the use of a staging photographer has shown to reduce the time a property stays on the market nearly 2.5 times according to recent studies by sites such as Zillow in the US and Zoopla and RightMove in the UK, we’d suggest that you at least consider paying a few pounds or dollars depending on which side of the pond you’re reading from and see if it helps.

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