How to vet cleaners, removals and property managers

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How to vet cleaners, removals and property managers

Property management has always been a major business in London, but nowadays that’s even more pronounced. Companies that manage properties are sprouting left and right and that should be of no surprise, especially considering how large of a market London is and how many people are coming to the city each year. London is a city that’s not going anywhere any time soon. A large metropolitan city, considered by many to be one of the two capitals of the western world.

Cleaning houses, removing rubbish from them and ensuring they are in the best possible state for new tenants or buyers are just a few of the things that local maintenance companies in London should be able to take care of. Estate agencies and property managers are the ones that should organize this, but it doesn’t happen easily. Finding normal, reliable companies to do the job through all of the businesses online is hard, but essential. As if the property managing firm doesn’t do a good job of vetting the prospected trade, be it cleaning services or anything else, the property owner will not only terminate the business he does with them, but also most likely pass on the negative experience he’s had with his or her peers.

How to vet a cleaning company

Finding a cleaning company online is easy, but that’s just the first step. The next way to ensure the company is legit and it can easily help with your request is to do your due dilligence. There are many cowboy cleaners throughout London and everyone with a broom and a mop thinks that’s all it takes to start in this business. That might be true, to a certain extend though. Such cleaners don’t have the time to answer in time, usually aren’t VAT registered(which is important if you are), won’t have any required accreditation, no certificates, nor would they honor any type of guarantee. Those cleaners would usually rely on day to day jobs trying to offer cheaper services to the clients which often backfires, as normal people know that quality costs money and in general terms wouldn’t do a good job.

Here are a few quick tips we’ve compiled that’ll help you find a trustworthy cleaning company:

  1. Look for reviews online. TrustPilot, CheckATrade and other review sites are a good indication that a company can be relied upon. That’s especially true if there are more than just a few reviews. The more reviews the better of course. If a company has 1000 reviews (considering that only one out of about 10 people would leave one) that means they’ve carried out literally thousands of reviews. Also ensure that you keep an eye on the more recent reviews as they would be more likely¬† to show the current state of the business. CheckATrade is also a great platform that’ll show if a company is worthy of your business or you should simply skip to the next possible candidate. A rating less than 9.5 is usually a sign that a company is doing something completely wrong. If it’s not a good fit for CheckATrade or it simply isn’t there, considering how much business CheckATrade can bring, is an almost certain that anyone looking to make money will be there.
  2. Make sure that the company’s website looks good. A good website does cost money, but the cleaning business in the UK and London is vast, which means that there are good money to be made with that. A business making money, shouldn’t have any problem investing in a good online presence, so make sure you keep an eye on that. A good example of that cleaning company that’s done that is this the company which offers you the option to book end of tenancy cleaning London online¬†business. They have a good online presence for the service being offered, there are references from estate agency websites and estate agencies they’ve worked with, which is always a good indicator. Not only that, but there are links to sites such as Reuters, which are additional proof that this is a legitimate business you can rely upon.
  3. Check how quick is the response time! Response time is crucial when you are working with people in a city as busy as London. Everyone is trying to do things as quickly as possibly which is absolutely normal and serious businesses would invest in office workers ready to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Removals, hiring skips and other property maintenance companies

A good rubbish removals company would do pretty much exactly the same that as a good cleaning company and most of the times you should look for the same traits as described above. One of the major differences here is that the removals company should bring all of the necessary insurances, certificates and proper information on where they dispose of the rubbish, so you don’t get in trouble. Obviously if you have all of the paper trail that you hired them and paid for a certain service, you’re off the hook, but it’s still pretty important to keep track of that.

Removals companies often hire labour from outside the UK, although that’s not really a given for all businesses. That’s not even important as long as they do a good thorough job and aren’t asking for an arm and a leg.

Property maintenance companies and how to find the best

Property Management Company Meeting

Property Management Company Meeting

With property maintenance companies things get a little harder. Usually you’ll be looking to get a local branch of a company known throughout the city. Such companies aren’t that easy to come by, but are definitely a good option as you’ll know about the brand and there aren’t cowboy “brands” here. Property maintenance firms are large corporations with lots of employees and easy to find reviews online as well. As they are large firms, you’ll also be able to find out a lot about each one online. If you search enough online you’ll be able to find things such as financial reports, company owners, their details, local branch manager linkedin, etc.

Of course the London and UK government also have your back and you can check a certain property management company or landlord directly here

With new types of business in London such as AirBnb management firms, things are getting a bit complex, but if you search for the brand name and look through the first 2 pages of Google, you’re surely going to find enough information.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas how we can add more value to this article, feel free to comment below and we’ll make sure to include your info along ours.


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