Finding the right property in London in 2019

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Finding the righr property in London in 2019

Finding a property in London has never been an easy task, but in 2019 things are looking even harder. Nowadays there are so many things you should consider it’s mind boggling. From the nearest tube station or bus station, to the proximity to your local school if you have children, how far is it from your job, would you need to commute in traffic early during the day, there’s nothing you can leave out of the equation.

Whether or not you are interested in buying a house at some point in your life, or you are simply looking to rent something for a while to settle in a certain area or part of London it’s all really important. Even with Brexit lurking any day now, people are still buying houses all throughout London and the rental sector is stronger than ever.

Letting agents are ready to give pretty much anything to get to show you potential properties in London and collect the sweet fees once you decide on the house you want to buy. Given that a lot of work goes into building a successful realtor brand especially with household names like Foxtons, Andrews, Winkworth and others, it’s no wonder that smaller agents are having issues competing in the growing market. London is a city which will continue expanding and it’s expected that by 2020 the population with Suburban areas will reach 10 million people.

According to the first ever Census conducted in 1800 the population of all of the UK was that many people. Just imagine what a growth that is in the grand scheme of things.

Large cities grow and continue expanding constantly. London is not only an enormous metropolitan city, but one of the centers of the western world and it’s safe to say that even if the growth slows down, the market will remain healthy.

Brexit is definitely an issue that new homeowners are taking into consideration, hoping that prices can drop down because of the negativity surrounding the UK, but that’s not really something you should be worried about if you want to make a long term investment. People will always need somewhere to live. It’s simply one of our basic needs along with food so don’t get alarmed.

Prices in different parts of London are much different and our team is working on an infographich that will soon be presented to you and show just how much of a difference the part of the city you are about to buy a property in can make. There are differences of up to 30% for the same type of property which makes finding the right property in London in 2019 a bit harder. On the other hand you have a desireable place, with a really high price tag and you can barely pay the mortgage of. On the other hand you’ll have a less desireable location, but the price tag is much lower which makes the choice harder.

We have prepared an interesting list of information about the properties and their prices according to the part of the city you’re in. Feel free to check out our list with prices below.

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